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Tree ID Kit - Pack of 10


Pack of 10 of our "Tree ID Kit" Personal Kit. Individually packaged for resale. Ideal for small shops or gift stores looking for a beautiful, educational, profitable product that you won't find anywhere else! Pairs well with our "Common Tree Leaves" Poster - 10 Pack. 

Kit Description: 

Learn a new hobby - tree identification. It's fun, easy, and educational. Learn how to key out 13 different leaves in the kit. Then use the Tree Finder book to key out your own local trees. Great for scouts, schools, camps, seniors, or anyone young or old who would like to be able to identify their local trees. Kit includes: 

  • 13 real tree leaves
  • Tree I.D. booklet
  • Leaf key for all leaves in the kit
  • 61 page Tree Finder book
  • Leaves in kit include elm, ash, walnut, maple, pine, cedar, locust, oak, cottonwood, willow and more
  • Ages 8 to adult